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GPU 14 Product Showcase Coverage Wednesday, 25 September 2013 13:16 And at 2:59 Central time we start the GPU 14 livestream from AMD out in Hawaii!      This is not a launch day, but a look at what is to come in the weeks ahead for AMD's R9 and R7 GPU 14 line up live from Hawaii.  
CoolerMaster CM Spawn Saturday, 22 January 2011 18:13   Earlier this year we took a look at CoolerMaster's Inferno MMORPG mouse and now we're looking at CoolerMaster's new product, Spawn, geared towards first-person shooters.
Cooler Master CM Inferno Review Saturday, 01 January 2011 17:36   The mouse is the bread and butter and ultimate tool for anyone who plays games on the PC. Over the past dozen years there's been an explosion in shapes and sizes of it and for all different utilities. It's evolved quite nicely from a few buttons and a mouse ball to lasers, lights, and more buttons than most people would ever know what to do with. That, however, is not the case for gamers. Cooler Master has a new mouse out specifically built for MMORPGs that are so popular, the Cooler Master Inferno.

Video Cards

Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision First Impressions: Arkham Asylum & Resident Evil 5



If you've been to your local movie theater lately you've probably noticed a resurgence in 3D films with the biggest blockbuster so far being Pixar's "Up" and the band U2 even releasing a concert film entirely in 3D with many more on the way. Some television shows and even sports games have even been broadcast in 3D. Luckily the technology has come a long way in the years since it last fadeda way and things are looking better than ever. This may not make for better content necessarily, but there is definitely a new major push from film and television studios to market this and get 3D in their products.

When 3D glasses were popular video game technology was brand new and nothing more than a few pixels running across the screen. Obviously games have come light years since then with games such as Crysis offering photorealistic quality graphics and massive immersive 3D worlds. Nvidia, the other major player in the graphics world, seeks to also ride this new 3D wave with their Nvidia 3D Vision technology this time bringing gamers into the current 3D craze.

I'm definitely one to keep up with the latest tech, it may not be always what's powering my system or what I use at home, but technology news I follow daily and obviously write about. Yet somehow Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision went under my radar likely due to many new AMD products being launched at the same time such as Phenom II, Socket AM3 motherboards, and new graphics cards from ATI. I also hadn't read of it in any recent reviews and to be fair to my self, we haven't received as much Nvidia hardware for review lately as AMD. It's fair to say then that I had no bias or expectations for Nvidia 3D Vision coming into a meeting recently at QuakeCon and was a little surprised to see the 3D glasses they were showing off which I had heard of but hadn't seen anyone use as of yet.

We kicked things off with a game that has received rave reviews lately, Eidos's Batman: Arkham Asylum, which currently has over 90% score on average. The game is a third-person action-stealth game developed by Rocksteady out for consoles now and the PC in two more weeks and looks to be one of surprise hits of the year.

As soon as the game loaded the first thing I noticed was how Batman's cape trails him perfectly when he runs and leaps out from the screen at you. The cowl and the flowing cape are some of the iconic symbols of Batman and here they're done excellently. Batman also has a variety of gadgets at his disposable to take out fiends and the in-game heads-up display is perfectly removed from the rest of the scene to give depth. It is obvious this game has been tweaked heavily and is an excellent showcase for Nvidia's technology. During some moments you do come out of the 3D experience from the pre-rendered cinematics but for the most part the 3D is incredibly immersive and exciting. I remember moving back a bit as a bolt flied towards the screen as Batman removed a grate to sneak around Arkham. That seems like a minor detail or not very exciting but in action it is very, very cool.

As exciting as it was to watch, Arkham Asylum was only demoed to me and I didn't get any hands-on time to try it out in 3D. When I picked up Resident Evil 5 on my own things really got fun. I had played the demo previously on the XBox 360 and this was the same section that I played with Nvidia 3D Vision on the PC. I definitely had fun with the game, though I'm more a first-person shooter fan, it didn't quite pull me in to try the full game on the XBox. This same section of the game played with 3D was right away much more intense. These glasses definitely work and can make a very good game that much more exciting when playing. Not only did zombies pop out the screen but my character had definite space and everything had an extra level of definition to it that you just can't get watching a 2D screen. And since Resident Evil 5 uses a lot of in-game cinematics they also looked fantastic. It might be hard to believe but I think immersive is the key word for this technology when it works, it really gives you a much better feeling for what's going on in the game world. Unfortunately I can't recall many specific  graphics details from my experience but I can say it worked and was a blast to play. At no time did I experience headaches or nausea seen with other 3D systems. Resident Evil 5 is launched for the PC also a few weeks from now and seems to be a very good port.

This won't be an article going in depth on how the glasses work as I only had about 30-45 minutes with them but let me give you a quick overview on what you need for Nvidia's 3D Vision to work. First, there are actually two Nvidia solutions and the one I got to check out was the higher-end Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision but Nvidia also offers Nvidia 3D Vision Discover which requires your regular 3D glasses that are basically free at this point, a recent GeForce graphics card, and Windows Vista or Windows 7. You can read more about that here at Nvidia's site.

The Nvidia GeForce 3D Vision kicks things up a little bit with the first requirement being a monitor which supports 120Hz refresh rates to draw to images for each eye onscreen, a GeForce graphics card and a fairly powerful one as you will lose speed using this, Windows Vista or Windows 7, and the Nvidia 3D Vision kit from Nvidia which goes for about $200 online. This comes with high-end stereoscopic glasses with wireless IR technology built in, separate nose pieces for the goggles, a bag and cloth to clean the glasses, transmitter for the glasses which hooks up to your computer, various cables and converters, and stereoscopic photo viewer and for movies.

Obviously $200 isn't something to sneeze at but by its self it isn't that bad. Unfortunately, the price of some of these LCD monitors at 120Hz is considerably more than those which run at 60Hz. You can pick up a 22" Viewsonic which runs at 1680x1050 resolution with 1,000:1 contrast ratio and the 120Hz spec for $299. A comparable 22" Viewsonic is $179 at 60Hz. Samsung also offers a monitor with similar specs, the 2233RZ at a similar price. None of these are 1080p monitors which you should know if you're looking for a monitor that supports full HD though 1680x1050 is still a decent resolution and higher than 720p, those looking to buy a system like this probably are gamers who also want 1080p support. There are some other solutions including high-end HDTVs and projectors, Nvidia has the full list here as well as system requirements.

The other problem is that although hundreds of titles are supported, it seem as if some other websites impressions of the glasses who had more time to write a full review show that when it works great it is spectacular and makes gaming better but many times it doesn't work well or requires you to turn off graphic settings. There also appears to be a performance hit from Tech Report's findings.

Overall, I have to say my first impression of Nvidia's GeForce 3D Vision I came away very impressed. The technology worked great, at least on the games I played, and definitely added to the fun and the immersiveness. This could be one of the most important gaming peripherals to be released as I'd say when it does work it really helps push you into the game world such as with the Wiimote and much more than the rumble packs that showed up first over a dozen years ago and are now ubiquitous. The problem is, it appears, is though my hands-on time was fun that on many titles there are still problems with 3D and it's still early in the technology's days. I'm sure these bugs can be worked out and it's to Nvidia's benefit to do so as to not create a stigma around the technology. The other major problem is of course cost factor which if you only need to buy the glasses once, $200 isn't cheap but it might be worth it to some. The requirement of a special monitor and the price and lack of choice though do hurt today.

All of that said though, I'm not doom and gloom about this. The technology is fresh but already tremendously impressive when working and though it may not happen soon, it's likely that 120Hz output on monitors will start to become more and more standard as films are also released in 3D on Blu-Ray for the home market. I'd also be shocked if one or more of the next-generation consoles doesn't support some 3D technology, though new consoles probably won't be released for 3-4 years. How soon and how cheap 120Hz monitors will get no one can say at this point but it is imperative for 3D to become successful. I think this is much more exciting than PhysX my self, having seen that and tried 3D this is easily the more fun and rewarding technology. ATI and AMD, if they aren't already, should definitely be working on some solution of their own to 3D as it may not matter now but better to be up to speed rather than being caught without it if the technology does start to catch on. Those looking to pick this up though will probably be Nvidia fans and those with some extra cash, for everyone else it probably isn't quite ready for prime time and it may burn too much a hole in one's pocket book. But if you can afford it and don't mind all games not working perfectly, this looks to be a very, very fun development. Congrats to Nvidia for pushing some new technology in the PC world.

You can pick up both the glasses and monitor for $551 from


Leadtek WinFast PxVC1100


As with all of Sony's processors, the Cell processor for the PS3 was widely hyped by Sony prior to the release of the PS3. The processor was to be co-developed by Toshiba, IBM, and Sony and expected to be seen in many more applications than just simply Sony's PlayStation 3. This has happened eventually with the Cell processor showing up in various servers and now the Cell processor is being used in additional hardware. Today we'll be taking a look at a video transcoding card from Leadtek which uses the Cell processor, the WinFast PxVC1100.



As mentioned Sony has used the Cell processor primarily for the PS3, IBM has built servers off of the Cell processor, and the third party here, Toshiba, is using it for multimedia uses for consumer devices. This card is a MPEG-2/H.264 transcoding card powered by Toshiba's high-performance stream processor SpursEngine based off a high performance Cell processor with four Synergistic Processing Element cores with emphasis on high performance floating point performance in a multimedia capacity.



What does this all means in laymen's terms? Fast, very fast and also low power consumption. Toshiba states that with a slower Pentium IV processor you can see up to 8x as fast transcoding and with a high-end quad core 4x.

For this card to work though it does require that the app support the SpursEngine and luckily Leadtek includes quite a few plug-ins with the card. They also include the full version of TMPGEnc 4.0 Express which is some of the best transcoding software on the market. It supports MPEG2, MPEG4, AVI, DIVX, QuickTime, H.264, DVD-Video, Blu-Ray, and also we found others such as x264 as long as the codecs for those other containers are installed. It also includes an editor for working with videos and support for Nvidia's CUDA. It'll be the main component of our testing as you'll see later on.

Two other plug-ins are also included, one for Adobe Premiere Elements 7 (this software is not included with the card) which also speeds up encoding and transcoding, and another for Corel DVD Movie Factory 5 which allows for upconversion of material to 1080p. This is called Super Resolution.

Leadtek states that other apps are being worked on for this card by Toshiba and others with Spurs Engine support such as upscaling YouTube videos, video indexing, and Gesture Interface Remote Control. Additionally, an SD is up on Leadkte's site with development tools and tutorials to give programmers a jump start with the SpursEngine if they'd like to add support in their app.


The card its self is very, very small enough to be low profile. It uses a PCI-E bus but requires more power from a floppy power connector. That said the overall draw is very low, Leadtek claims less than 35W. If you don't have one handy they include a molex-to-floppy 4-pin power adapter in addition to a low profile bracket and the previously mentioned software and plug-ins.




Here is a feature list from Leadtek.

Four Cell Engines
Execute sophisticated video scaling algorithms to enhance video quality
Execute other kinds of video algorithms such as image recognition
Reduce the computation loading of a CPU processor. Alternatively, a lower performance CPU can be used.
Programmable through SDK, allowing creative usage of this product, and fast development of new applications

Full-HD MPEG-2 encoder and decoder
(Full-HD is 1920x1080 or 1080p)
Faster than real time video scaling between the same MPEG-2 formats, eg. from SD to HD or vice versa
Fast trans-coding from MPEG-2 to H.264 or vice versa
Reduce the computation loading of a CPU processor. Alternatively, a lower performance CPU can be used.
Ideal for video editing and authoring Blu-ray Disc content

Full-HD H.264 encoder and decoder
Faster than real time video scaling between the same H.264 formats, eg. from SD to HD or vice versa
Fast trans-coding from H.264 to MPEG-2 or vice versa
Reduce the computation loading of a CPU processor. Alternatively, a lower performance CPU can be used.
Ideal for video editing and authoring Blu-ray Disc content

PCI Express bus (edge connector)
High performance industry standard bus in all newer PC and MAC
PxVC1100 can be used under Windows, MAC-OS and Linux.

Fastest video transcoding process — Real-time H.264 <-> MPEG-2 , SD <-> HD video transcoding.
Super Resolution - Video quality enhanced —picture resolution up-scaling for HD video, Super resolution makes the video looks more clear and sharper, like the blue-ray quality
Best Application — Pegasys TMPGEnc4.0 XPress accepts the most comment video format with friendly user interface. 
Green Product — less than 35W, low power consumption will not be the burden of your system, and save energy.
Less CPU loading — to free your system by 50% less CPU usage. New tech revolution make you can do other job in the transcoding time forever

1 slot FANsink(Adaptive cooling FAN)
Power on : 40%
Main chip 85’C : 80%
Main chip 90’C : 100% (32dB)
Sensor fail or main Chip 96°C : Shut Down







CPU Phenom II X3 720 BE
Memory Corsair 6GB XMS DDR2 800
Video Card ATI Radeon HD 4770
Hard Drive Western Digital 750GB
Heatsink Zalmaan 9700
Display Samsung 20" LCD


Our test system was Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit with ATI Catalyst 9.6 drivers and GeForce 186.18. TMPGEnc Express 4.0 was the software used for all transcoding.



As you can see with the Leadtek card encoding the full episode of Family Guy finishes almost 1/3 faster than the CPU alone and here Nvidia's CUDA seems to do nothingi TMPGEnc Express.


For this we took a 1080i transport stream of a capture of Jessica Biel's appearance on Letterman and transcoded it into 720p H.264. The Leadtek card finishes more than 3x faster than the CPU or Nvidia's CUDA.



Leadtek also included a 1080p WMV from HDClub and here we see the Leadtek speed ahead of the competition almost 4x faster than the competition.




Obviously another critical component these days is power consumption and here the Leadtek WinFast PxVC1100 also excels. While it is higher at idle than just the CPU alone at 121W, 14W above the CPU by its self. However at load it is only 7 watts higher with the CPU and Leadtek card working together to transcode videos. These numbers are taking with the 4770 we had in our normal mid-range system, the GTX 260 raises power consumption quite a bit across the board.




Here is our CPU usage % while transcoding an episode of Family Guy, as you can see there's still plenty of CPU power free with our Phenom II X3 720BE for other tasks such as web surfing and listening to music without slowing things down.


And here is the same episode of Family Guy transcoding without the SpursEngine and the Leadtek card as you can see it is almost 100% full and obviously running other apps such as a web browser will slow down your transcode significantly. We think this is key, not only is the Leadtek WinFast PxVC1100 faster than other solutions, it also uses less power and frees up your CPU.





As mentioned earlier software for Corel DVD Factory 5 is also included which allows you to run what Leadtek calls Super Resolution on MPEG-2 videos and DVDs. We saw some refinement in these images with less noise and grain but overall we don't think this is the major reason for buying this card but the transcoding abilities.












Overall, we were very surprised at how well the WinFast PxVC1100 from Leadtek sped up video transcoding delivering at times more than 3x the performance of the CPU alone and also better than the current software from Nvidia. The included software bundle is also great, as TMGEnc is one of the best transcoders on the market. Unfortunately, there does need to be some sort of plugin written for the hardware for the software to work but Leadtek seems to be already addressing this. Another boost is to the level of power of consumption the card takes which these days which is very low compared to a massive GPU. And lastly you can also use your system while transcoding now rather than maxing out all Cores and having your system freezing from not having enough processing power to run common apps.


All of this power, however, does come at a cost. It currently is about $280 at Newegg which can buy you one of the best video cards on the market or a Core i7 920 for a similar price. Of course if you do a lot of video transcoding the cost in time saved could be made up very quickly. It's going to be hard for any CPU solution or graphics card to compete with this product.

Score: 96%





Sapphire 4890 Vapor-X



For a period there every six to eight months or so we'd see a new GPU and leaps of performance gained from the cards that had just come out but over the past few years this seems to have slowed down and for better of worse since ATI released the Radeon 4870 last June there haven't been too many major jumps ahead of that card except of course the 4870X2 and not much from Nvidia as well. Mid-range has seen tremendous improvement, however, offering phenomenal value in the sub-$100 market but above it things have slowed down. Recently AMD did at last follow the 4870 up with the Radeon 4890 which we looked at launch and now with some time since then we're seeing 1GHz variants of the 4890 and non-reference cards. Today we'll be looking at one of these non-reference design cards with the Sapphire Radeon 4890 Vapor-X.



If you're not up to date on the 4890, as the name might implies it basically shares the same basic specs as the Radeon 4870 except 1GB of GDDR5 is standard as opposed to 512MB of GDDR5 on some 4870 cards and the memory and core speeds have increased as well as some improved power management.

Sapphire's Vapor-X line has been around now for some time and is Sapphire's custom heatsink and fan combination. It runs quieter than the standard heatsink and also should allow for better overclocking. Our model came pre-overclocked with a core of 875MHz (25Mhz more than normal) and 1GB of GDDR5 running at 1050Mhz (75MHz above the standard clock). It also is a very slick design and on Sapphire's blue PCB as opposed to ATI red. It is a very aesthetically pleasing card and a lot of that also has quite a bit of function such as the ramsinks covering all the memory modules.


Sapphire have also decked out the video output ports of the card with every type on the market: DVI, VGA, HDMI, and even DisplayPort, which hasn't quite caught on yet with monitors. Sapphire also includes a DVI-to-HDMI cable rather than the standard dongle with other ATI cards which is a nice bonus.


The box is quite cool, no pun intended, and should stand out among the typical CGI characters on most video card boxes and all of the features of the 4890 series are shown off in the specs on the box.

The bundle is fairly standard other than the previously mentioned DVI-to-HDMI cable with a driver CD, two PCI-E to molex power adapters, Cyberlink DVD software, and as a bonus they also include 3DMark Vantage. Game bundles have come in and out of favor over the years and these days the trend is to not include a game unless you get it as a combo with hardware.

We've been over the standard features of the Radeon 4000 series time and time again but we'll go over them again very quickly: 2nd-gen 55nm production process, UVD2 for H.264 decoding, the only card with DX 10.1 support, and 7.1 uncompressed audio over HDMI.

Time is a little tight right now as other articles are cooking so we'll jump right into Sapphire's techincal specs and what you want: benchmarks.



Here are the specs from Sapphire.


1. Award winning Vapor-X Cooler with heatpipe, silent and powerful
2. Sapphire patent pending Black Diamond Choke
3. 4 display outputs: DP+HDMI+DL-DVI+VGA
4. Full solid capacitor design
5. Microsoft DX10.1 support
6. PCI Express 2.0 x16 bus interface
7. Dynamic geometry acceleration
8. Game physics processing capability
9. 1GB/256-bit GDDR5 memory interface
10. Supports all display resolutions up to 1920x1080
11. On chip HDCP support
12. ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU support for highly scalable performance. (Use up to four discrete
cards with an AMD 790FX based motherboard)
13. ATI Avivo HD Support
ATI Unified Video Decoder 2 (UVD) for Blu-ray™ and HD Video.
Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT)
DVD Upscaling
Dynamic Contrast
Built-in HDMI with 7.1 surround sound support
14. Dynamic power management with ATI PowerPlay™ technology
15. ATI Stream technology


Here's our test system.

Mother Board Gigabyte 790GX
CPU Phenom II X3 720 BE
Memory Corsair XMS 6GB
Hard Drive Western Digital SE 16 750GB
Case Tsunami Thermaltake
Display Samsung SyncMaster 30"

Our test system OS was Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1 with the ATI Catalyst 9.5 drivers from AMD. V-sync was disabled. Forceware drivers were version 182.08. It should be noted that though our ATI Radeon 4890 had it's GPU clock speed bumped up 50MHz as was our BFG GeForce GTX 260 216 to 590MHz from 576MHz and 1296MHz for the memory from 1242MHz standard. Of course as mentioned the Sapphire is also overclocked but keep in mind our reference 4890 has slightly higher clock speeds as does our GTX 260.




Of  all the games we tested Crysis seemed to show the biggest gains, perhaps due to using more memory bandwidth than the others despite the lower resolution Crysis: Warhead is full of detail.


Left 4 Dead continues to be a very popular multiplayer game thanks to Valve's touch but we don't see much gain here from the extra 75MHz memory clockspeed despite maxing out AA and AF settings.

UT3 is a highly popular engine but may not stress memory bandwidth. As we see not a huge gain over the standard 4890.


World in Conflict shows similar results to the other games we tested.


3DMark 2006 is an older synthetic benchmark but we don't want to move to Vantage with the heavily weighed PhysX optimizations for Nvidia. We see a similar pattern to our other numbers.

Power consumption was measured from the wall socket directly from the computer. Idle was taken after 5 minutes into the Windows desktop and Load was tested emphasizing gaming performance and the video card in Crysis' GPU demo. Cool 'n Quiet was enabled.

Idle Load
Radeon 4890 1GB 172 281
Sapphire Radeon 4890 Vapor-X 188 303
GeForce GTX 260 "216" 165 265
Radeon 4850 512MB 140 235

The extra memory clock seems to suck up some extra juice as well unfortunately compared to the standard 4890.

Overclocking we maxed out at 990MHz for the GPU which was actually slightly below our Gigabyte 4890 and 1.15GHz for the memory. A higher core clock seems to be more effective in increasing the framerate 10-15% than overclocking the GDDR5 memory which may not be saturated by today's games.

As mentioned earlier the card does run quieter than the standard 4890 fan and as far as cooling they appeared in our testing to be about even in temperature.


Overall we're very pleased with Sapphire's Radeon 4890 Vapor-X, it offers a good alternative to the standard 4890 design and does so at the same price point of $229. This is what 4890 cards go for right now so that means there is no price increase. Unfortunately, we thought we'd see more gains at higher resolutions from the extra memory clock but it doesn't seem to be that large although in our testing Crysis did show some better results. The card overclocks well but so did our standard 4890 card so there it is a wash. It does run quieter, features a good bundle, and looks great so it is a card we can highly recommend. If you find a deal on a 4890 and the Vapor-X offers nothing extra you like you can't really go wrong with the 4890 but at the same or similar price or if you're looking for a non-standard or quieter card, the Vapor-X is a great choice.


We don't see the Vapor-X in our pricing system yet but you can buy the Sapphire reference 4890 for $199 after rebate from Amazon.

Score: 96%

Sapphire Radeon HD 4770



There's no peace treaty in the graphics card wars as Nvidia has had problems topping ATI and now ATI has released their biggest bang for the buck video card since the Radeon 4850 last summer in the Radeon HD 4770. Today we have one of these cards to look at from Sapphire which we'll put through it's paces.



The heatsink is a little different from the one the media received, not quite as large covering the entire graphics card and a somewhat 2001, futuristic modeling to the heatsink and fan combination. Given how cool the 4770 ran it did seem overkill a bit and likely the 4770's we received were more engineering samples and not quite final hardware.



The Sapphire card we're loooking at isn't overclocked and doesn't deviate too far from the standard spec. In case you're not up to speed on the Radeon HD 4770's specs the card features 640 stream processors, which is similar to the Radeon HD 4830 but has 512MB of GDDR5 like the Radeon 4870 and Radeon 4890. We'll see how this performs later on in benchmarks.



Additionally the card is built on a new 40nm process as opposed to the 55nm graphics card process all cards use today. It is the first card to use the 40nm process and is actually lower than even any processors on the market right now. It is the first card though so likely we won't see all the benefits until the next-generation of this process.

Other than that, most of the major features of the Radeon 4000 series are here, UVD2 for H.264 decoding, DX 10.1, PCI-Express 2.0 support, DVD upscaling, HDMI with 7.1 audio, and advanced PowerPlay management.


Sapphire includes everything you need to get started in their bundle including component video output cables, DVI-to-VGA adapter, HDMI-to-DVI adapter, molex 6-pin PCI-E power adapter, as well as Cyberlink PowerDVD and DVD Suite and a Crossfire connector.


Here's a comparison to other ATI cards on the market.

  ATI Radeon 4770 ATI Radeon 4850 ATI Radeon 4830 ATI Radeon 4890 ATI Radeon 4670
Stream Processors 640 800 640 800 320
Core Clock 750MHz 625MHz 575MHz 850MHz 750MHz
Memory Clock 800MHz GDDR5 1GHz GDDR3 900MHz GDDR3 975MHz GDDR5 1GHz GDDR3
Manufacturing 40nm 55nm 55nm 55nm 55nm








Here's our test system.


Mother Board Foxconn 790GX
CPU Phenom II X3 720BE
Memory Corsair XMS 6GB
Hard Drive Western Digital SE 16 750GB
Case Tsunami Thermaltake
Display Samsung SyncMaster 30"


Our test system OS was Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1 with 9.4 ATI Catalyst drivers from ATI 182.50 NForce drivers from Nvidia. AMD is aiming at the 9800 GT with this card so that and the previously popular 9600 GT is what we'll be comparing against. Also keep in mind that our 9800 GT is overclocked like many of Nvidia's cards while our 4770 is not. We also added another 4770 to test Crossfire ability of this card.



We don't see a major change with the 4770 in Crossfire with Crysis' being more CPU bound but we do see some amazing number out of the Sapphire Radeon HD 4770 almost matching the 4850.



At 1680x1050 Crossfire basically does nothing and the 4770 again comes in just under the 4850. At 1920x1200 it is on top barely ahead of the 4850 and finally at 2560x1600 it leads the pack at 67.8. Sapphire's 4770 however is more than playable at 44.5 fps and faster than the overclocked 9800 GT.

Crossfire sees more of a gain in Unreal Tournament 3, easily cleaning up here. The 4770 suffers more here from lack of stream processors and doesn't gain much from the extra memory bandwidth until you hit 2560x1600.


Left4Dead shows a pretty nice gain in Crossfire and again the Sapphire 4770 does a great job fully playable up to the highest resolution possible today, 2560x1600. Crossfire does gain you though an extra 17fps.


3DMark is synthetic so I wouldn't put much into it but Futuremark's benchmarks are quite popular. The 4770 seems to follow a similar pattern as to the game tests coming in under the 4850.


Power consumption was measured from the wall socket directly from the computer. Idle was taken after 5 minutes into the Windows desktop and Load was tested emphasizing gaming performance and the video card in Crysis' GPU demo.


Idle Load
Sapphire Radeon 4770 134W 192W
ATI Radeon 4850 144W 215W
GeForce 9600 GT 137W 203W
GeForce 9800 GT OC 142W 209W

For 40nm power consumption is a little higher than we'dlike but still 23W lower at load than a 4850 which it is almost as fast as.


As we mentioned in our original 4770 review, the card appeared to be much more overclockable than the Catalyst Control Center Overdrive function would allow. There is a hack out now where if you add this line in the config file of the latest RivaTuner, "RV770 = 9440h-9443h,944Ch,94B3h", you can use it with RivaTuner and overclock to your heart's desire. We topped out stable overclock at 865MHz for the core and 982MHz for the memory. This is a 110MHz core overclock and 182MHz overclock for the memory, an amazing overclock. This increased our Left4Dead score at 1680x1050 from 51.7 to 68.1. That easily tops the Radeon HD 4850 graphics card. We do wish ATI would just open up overclocking in CCC for simplicity as this hacked RivaTuner is not the preferable way to do so. Otherwise though, CCC is great.


It is hard to imagine not only 3-4 years ago but last year getting this much performance out of a sub-$100 card but ATI has done it and Sapphire has done a great job with their Sapphire Radeon HD 4770. A quality bundle, and good price mean this card is a no-brainer and finally a sub-$100 card no gamer would be embarrassed to have. And with a little overclocking, you can get much faster performance than even a Radeon HD 4850! This makes this card basically perfect in addition to lower power consumption gained from the 40nm manufacturing process.


You can pick up the Sapphire card now shipped free for $100.

Score: 99%


ATI Radeon 4770


The video card wars between ATI and Nvidia have been very hot lately with the most recent exchange a couple of weeks ago with the Radeon 4890 and GTX 275. That said even though those GPUs are a bargain at just over $200 AMD have been paying attention and realize that the market with the most growth is the $100 market where their next attack lines with the Radeon HD 4770 which is released today and we'll be taking a look at.

The biggest news about the Radeon 4770 is that it the first GPU built on the 40nm process, which is 5nm lower than Intel and AMD's best current CPUs. This should mean much lower power consumption, less heat, and cheaper to manufacture, all good things. We'll see how much more when we get to testing, however, keep in mind though that the 3870 and 4870 were both built at the same 55nm manufacturing process but one was obviously much better than the other. These days it seems it is on the second generation with a new design we really see the best from this shift to a smaller manufacturing process.

The other major point about the 4770 is that it uses GDDR5 which previously mid-range cards from ATI did not have with only the 4870 and 4890 with this more advanced memory. Prices have come down though and ATI believe GDDR5 is a good fit with the 4770 which should give it twice the bandwidth over GDDR3 memory.

As you can see for cooling the card uses a dual slot cooler which is unusual for a mid-range card. Don't worry about heat or noise though as the card runs very cool and also is very quiet. Perhaps they learned from the far too Radeon 4850 graphics cards. It also is fairly short card but still requires a 6-pin PCI-E power connector.

Other than that, most of the major features of the Radeon 4000 series are here, UVD2 for H.264 decoding, DX 10.1, PCI-Express 2.0 support, DVD upscaling, HDMI with 7.1 audio, and advanced PowerPlay management.

Here's a comparison to other ATI cards on the market.

  ATI Radeon 4770 ATI Radeon 4850 ATI Radeon 4830 ATI Radeon 4890 ATI Radeon 4670
Stream Processors 640 800 640 800 320
Core Clock 750MHz 625MHz 575MHz 850MHz 750MHz
Memory Clock 800MHz GDDR5 1GHz GDDR3 900MHz GDDR3 975MHz GDDR5 1GHz GDDR3
Manufacturing 40nm 55nm 55nm 55nm 55nm


As you can see the 4770 is an odd combination of GDDR5 with less stream processors than 4850. We'll see what this adds up to performance wise.



Here are the full technical specs.

Feature Summary
826 million transistors on 40nm fabrication process
PCI Express®2.0 x16 bus interface
GDDR5 memory
Microsoft®DirectX®10.1 support
Shader Model 4.1
32 bit floating point texture filtering
Indexed cube map arrays
Independent blend modes per render target
Pixel coverage sample masking
Read/write multi‐sample surfaces with shaders
Gather4 texture fetching
Unified Superscalar Shader Architecture
640 stream processing units
Dynamic load balancing and resource allocation for vertex, geometry, and pixel shaders
Common instruction set and texture unit access supported for all types of shaders
Dedicated branch execution units and texture address processors
128‐bit floating point precision for all operations
Command processor for reduced CPU overhead
Shader instruction Up to 128 texture fetches per clock cycle
Up to 128 textures per pixel
Fully associative multi‐level texture cache design
DXTC and 3Dc+ texture compression
High resolution texture support (up to 8192 x 8192)
Fully associative texture Z/stencil cache designs
Double sided hierarchical Z/stencil buffer
Early Z test and Fast Z Clear
Lossless Z & stencil compression (up to 128:1)
Lossless color compression (up to 8:1)
Up to 8 render targets (MRTs) with anti‐aliasing
Accelerated physics processing
Dynamic Geometry Acceleration
High performance vertex cache
Programmable tessellation unit
Accelerated geometry shader path for geometry amplification
Memory read/write cache for improved stream output performance
Anti-aliasing features
Multi-sample antialiasing (2, 4, or 8 samples per pixel)
and constant caches
Up to 24x Custom Filter AntiAliasing (CFAA)
Adaptive supersampling and multi‐sampling
Gamma correct
Super AA (ATI CrossFireX™ configurations only7)
All antialiasing features compatible with HDR rendering
Texture filtering features
2x/4x/8x/16x high quality adaptive anisotropic filtering modes (up to 128 taps per pixel)
128-bit floating point HDR texture filtering
sRGB filtering (gamma/degamma)
Percentage Closer Filtering (PCF)
Depth & stencil texture (DST) format support
Shared exponent HDR (RGBE 9:9:9:5) texture format support
OpenGL 3.0 support
ATI Avivo™ HD Video and Display Platform1
Unified Video Decoder (UVD) for H.264/AVC, VC‐1, and MPEG‐2 video formats
High definition (HD) playback of Bluray and HD DVD video2
Dual stream (HD+SD) playback support
DirectX® Video Acceleration 1.0 & 2.0 support
Support for BD‐Live certified applications
Hardware DivX and MPEG1 video decode acceleration
ATI Avivo HD Video Post Processor1
Color space conversion
Chroma subsampling format conversion
Horizontal and vertical scaling
Gamma correction
Advanced vector adaptive perpixel deinterlacing
De‐blocking and noise reduction filtering
Detail enhancement
Color vibrance and flesh tone correction
Inverse telecine (2:2 and 3:2 pull down correction)
Bad edit correction
Enhanced DVD upscaling (SD to HD)9
Automatic dynamic contrast adjustment
Two independent display controllers
Drive two displays simultaneously with independent resolutions, refresh rates, color controls and video overlays for each display
Full 30‐bit display processing
Programmable piecewise linear gamma correction, color correction, and color space conversion
Spatial/temporal dithering provides 30bit color quality on 24bit and 18bit displays
High quality pre and postscaling engines, with underscan support for all display outputs
Contentadaptive deflicker filtering for interlaced displays
Fast, glitch free mode switching
Hardware cursor
Two integrated duallink DVI display outputs
Each supports 18, 24, and 30bit digital displays at all resolutions up to 1920x1200 (single‐link DVI) or 2560x1600 (dual‐link DVI)3
Each includes a dual‐link HDCP encoder with on‐chip key storage for high resolution playback of protected content4
Two integrated 400 MHz 30‐bit RAMDACs
Each supports analog displays connected by VGA at all resolutions up to 2048x15363
DisplayPort output support
24 and 30bit displays at all resolutions up to 2560x16003
HDMI output support
All display resolutions up to 1920x10803
Integrated HD audio controller with support for stereo and multi‐channel (up to 7.1) audio formats, including AC‐3, AAC, DTS5, enabling a plug‐and‐play audio solution over HDMI
Integrated AMD Xilleon™ HDTV encoder
Provides high quality analog TV output (component/S‐video/composite)
Supports SDTV and HDTV resolutions
Underscan and overscan compensation
Seamless integration of pixel shaders with video in real time
VGA mode support on all display outputs
ATI PowerPlay™ technology6
Advanced power management technology for optimal performance and power savings
Constantly monitors GPU activity, dynamically adjusting clocks and voltage based on user scenario
Clock and memory speed throttling
Voltage switching
Dynamic clock gating
Central thermal management – onchip sensor monitors GPU temperature and triggers thermal actions as required
ATI CrossFireX™ Multi‐GPU Technology
Scale up rendering performance and image quality with up to two GPUs







Here's our test system.


Mother Board Foxconn 790GX
CPU Phenom II X3 720BE
Memory Corsair XMS 6GB
Hard Drive Western Digital SE 16 750GB
Case Tsunami Thermaltake
Display Samsung SyncMaster 30"


Our test system OS was Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP1 with 9.4 ATI Catalyst drivers from ATI 182.50 NForce drivers from Nvidia. AMD is aiming at the 9800 GT with this card so that and the previously popular 9600 GT is what we'll be comparing against. Also keep in mind that our 9800 GT is overclocked like many of Nvidia's cards while our 4770 is not.



We'll start things off with Crysis' GPU Test. We've unfortunately had a few problems with Crysis Warhead. Here we see all cards but the 9600 GT are close and the 4770 and overclocked 9800GT are basically identical giving the 4770 the uppper hand.



Next we'll look at the latest Call of Duty game, World at War. Again we see the 4770 is just below a 4850 however unlike Crysis the Nvidia cards performance is much, much lower.

Switching things from Call of Duty, here our 9800 GT appears to perform quite well while our 4770 suffers and our 4850 is on top for a moment. It appears with UT3 prefers stream processors in numbers until you get to such a high resolution that memory bandwidth kicks in.


Left4Dead is Valve's latest game and very popular as with everything they put out. Here we see the 4770 lag behind the 4850 until we hit 2560x1600 where the GDDR5 memory shows it's benefit. The 9800 GT OC and 9600 GT remain slower.


3DMark is synthetic benchmark so I wouldn't put much into it but here's some potential of these graphics cards.


Power consumption was measured from the wall socket directly from the computer. Idle was taken after 5 minutes into the Windows desktop and Load was tested emphasizing gaming performance and the video card in Crysis' GPU demo.


Idle Load
ATI Radeon 4770 134W 192W
ATI Radeon 4850 144W 215W
GeForce 9600 GT 137W 203W
GeForce 9800 GT OC 142W 209W

For 40nm power consumption is a little higher than we'dlike but still 23W lower at load than a 4850 which it is almost as fast as.

Overclocking the card was a breeze with ATI's Catalyst drivers. We maxed them out as far as the Catalyst control panel would allow to 830MHz core and 850MHz memory. While the drivers overclock excellently and it is quite easy to do the problem is it is very conservative! To a fault, the card was running cool and could probably go much higher with this dual slot cooler easily. We wish this would go higher and allow you to truly push things like AMD's Overdrive software.


It's frankly amazing what type of performance you can get these days for $100. While ATI expects the cards to be around $109 there should be rebates dropping it to $99. So for $99 you can max out most of the PC games out today up to 1920x1200 and some to 2560x1600 resolution. Clearly not Crysis and a few others but what you can is nothing short of fantastic.

As far as the 40nm process we think it's still a little early but it is good to see ATI pushing forward with this and topping out Nvidia again. Overall it seems to offer much better performance for less or similar pricing, with more advanced tech with DX 10.1. Frankly it isn't much more to go for a 4870 at this point which might have longevity but a 4770 is an amazing card for the price and comes with no hesitation of recommendation.


We don't see the card at e-tailers yet but a Radeon 4850 can be had for $128.

Score: 99%


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Saturday, August 30, 2014

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