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abit ul8 939

abit ul8 939

Postby jinxjx » Sat Feb 18, 2006 9:03 pm

anyone have experience with the abit ul8 939 that has agp? i like to replace my intel P4 rig, so i can take advantage of my new 6800 gs agp. P4 2.4 holding back my card....thanks....
intel 865perlx mb,P4-2.4 800fsb,2x512 kingston ddr400, 40g seagate 7200,52x cd-rom, evga 5900se,audigyzs, z-560 speakers,winxp sp-2 dx9.0c, Q95 19" monitor.
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Re: abit ul8 939

Postby pandaz3 » Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:54 pm

I have one running right now with a 3800 Venice (Stock AMD Cooler), 2 X 512 Super Talent PC3200, ATI 9500 Pro, 80 Gig WD Sata HDD, 350 W PSU, Suse 10.2 (64 Bit)

This is a RMA, the original had a transistor that controlled the Ram voltage fail, taking out the board and a stick of RAM. I had used Win XP X64 on that one.

I really have been pretty happy with the board. It is not really a overclocking board. But it performs rather well at stock speeds. The 1689 chip-set does not allow a PCI lock. It is a excellent board for day to day computing.

I have a Three ASRock ULI boards and like them a tad better, but that is because they are particularly versatile, over clock well AMD have the ability to use AGP OR PCI-E

But yes I think the UL8 is more than satisfactory, and as always Abit has a great BIOS interface
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