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Postby timmy » Tue Jul 04, 2006 1:38 am

The troubled system:
3700 939
msi 7800gt
2 x512mb crutial 400mhz ram
2 western didital 250gb sata2 hard disks running in raid (Striping)
ASUS A8n sli premium
Sound blaster sound card
Windows xp professional sp1

Heres what happened I was casually playing call of duty for alot of hours i then stopped and exited, I left my computer on the desktop screen with no programs or folders open i watched a Film and then returned to my computer i just moved the mouse and then it happened the hole cumputer Turned off it didnt shut down it just switched off as if i pulled the plug but i didnt, thinking it was the socket i changed to a different one but it wasnt. I looked inside the case and my motherboards light was green suggesting the power and motherboard were ok obviously concerned i turned it back on and and xp disk check came up saying one of your disks needs to be checked for consistancy so i did this took a long time because the computer would randomly switch off at ANYTIME once this Disk check was done i couldnt get back into windows i ve got a choice of start nomal/safe etc but when i start on normal it loads to the point before i have to enter a password the pasword screen never comes up and the computers is frozen on a blank screen and when i try to start it on safe mode this is displayed : Muti(0)Disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows\system32\Drives
the above is repeated every in line displayed the only thing that chages from line to line is the next bit Muti(0)Disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\windows\system32\Drives\Acpi.sys

I dont no Exactily wat the prolem i guess its either one of the hard disks or maybe the motherboard? please help me out here
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Postby billcat432 » Sun Oct 29, 2006 8:53 am

this will be a lot of pure guesswork here so take it as you will.
Maybe if you have a spare harddrive put it in and remove the others and see if windows will install. At least they are fairly cheap and buying a small one to test won't cost much at all.
Here are some suggestions if it's no the harddrive........
Does the computer run about the same amount of time before it starts giving trouble? Some times chips are half way between failure and heat will wack them out.
Have you a voltmeter to check out the voltages from your power supply? If you have a spare power supply try it. If you have any spare video/memory cards try swaping them and also try running with the least amount of hardware you can, like run with one memory stick at a time, use one harddrive and so on. If it doesn't fail add one item at a time to see if one is causing the problem or your power supply is not able to supply enough current anymore or voltage drops from bad component or large currrent demand which would shut down the power supply with over current protection.
Have you tried reseating cards and memory? Maybe remove all components and rebuild it just to see if there is a loose connection (long shot here)
Glitchy problems are the hardest to troubleshoot. If it crashes at about the same time try running a fan on the motherboard to try cooling it as much as you can and see if it runs longer(still a long shot).
Take off the heatsink from the cpu and clean and put frest compound and put fan/heatsink back on. If you can get a program to run that shows your cpu temp that would be handy. Also the same with the video card. If you have the luxury of having enough spare components to switch them out do it. Power supply included and I'd pay a lot of attention to this area if you can monitor it's activity at all. If something is drawing more than it can provide like I said above it will shut down the system. You may find one bad card loading the system down power wise.
These are all basic checks that I would try at least and can't say they would work but it's a start anyway. Good luck. Maybe it's just the harddrive is going bad, that would be fairly cheap and lucky if this is all it is. I had a power supply go out on mine on a rebuild updated system, new power supply that lasted 2 weeks. Scary, I didn't know if it was just a defective power supply or something else was killing it but the new one has kept it working for a couple months now. I was lucky there. Hope your problem is a easy one to fix.
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