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M2N-E DDR2 timing problem

M2N-E DDR2 timing problem

Postby bgt » Sun Oct 15, 2006 1:04 am

when I put my Ballistix CL3 ram in the mobo, 2x 1Gb stick, I get reboots. Changing the CL from 3 to 5 cures it. Does the M2N-E support the Crucial sticks at 2.2V?

Asrock Z87M-Extreme4(C2)/i7-4770K/8Gb1600/SSD(120Gb840EVO+ 960GbM500)/IGP/VTX3D7950X-Edition
Asrock 970Extreme3(rev2)/FX8350/8Gb1600/SSD840EVO/HDD2Tb/AMD7730
OS=Win8.1 X64 PRO(UEFI mode)

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