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ASUS RMA-Tech support? WHERE ? ? ?

ASUS RMA-Tech support? WHERE ? ? ?

Postby davide879 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:04 am


After enabling Cool N Quiet on an ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe a long time ago, my PC started Rebooting occasionally. Not understanding what was happening at the beginning, I thought my PC was going haywire.
Then I disabled Cool N Quiet and a long time passed with no troubles. In changing my case fan to a higher output 12cm., naturally it became louder. So I tried Cool N Quiet again.
Well after trying to install Mandriva Linux, 1 LAN port Died, All PCI slots DEAD ! Weird USB problems! After checking while Coon N Quiet was enabled, I noticed that the MOBO was TOASTY down around the south bridge. Oooopp's Thanks to Cool n Quiet for this one.

So here's the gripe, In emailing continually ASUS, Calling them and the person who answered said that someone will call back the next day and no return call? ?

What do you have to do to obtain an RMA for a MOBO 2 years old? ? ? Go to there office with a shotgun and shoot it up in the air ? ?

I did receive a response after the initial email and received this code,, WTM20061223215221677

But what good is this code if nobody responds ? ?

I hope I did'nt screw up by buying another ASUS, A8N32 SLI but it rocks with Mandriva (Which I'm using now ! ) The only thing that does not work is the DVD player which restarts after 5 min. ! Seen erratta on this..

Thanks for any input,

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Re: ASUS RMA-Tech support? WHERE ? ? ?

Postby Mechanix » Wed Jan 03, 2007 7:26 am

Have you tried this? The RMA request page has the pertinent mailing/contact information.

- Mechanix

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