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disable hard drive detection on boot in XP

disable hard drive detection on boot in XP

Postby dwjs » Thu Feb 04, 2010 2:03 am

I'm going nuts here. I have a computer that I built a few years ago with a RAID 1 setup. It had 2 Seagate 320GB drive in it.

I decided when the one died that I would just replace them with some WD Caviar black 500GB drives.

The raid software see's them both, and they are running in mirrored mode. Win XP sees them as one drive, and if I pull the cable on one, I get a degraded raid warning, so I know that raid software is working.

My problem is that everytime win XP starts up, it says it's found new hardware and needs to install drivers. It does this for both drives. After it doesn't find anything, it then tells me the hardware is installed and running.

How do I disable just these two drives from trying to run? I've tried disabling Plug and Play, which then causes problems with other devices.

Anyone have any Ideas? I don't have the latest bios, but did install the latest Nvidia chipset hardware from Asus.

The board is an M2N-SLI Deluxe with bios 1102. I searched the bios updates, and none of them mentions anything about addressing hard drive size issues.

This is only a 2 year old computer, so I wouldn't think a 500GB drive would be an issue. XP has all updates including SP 3 running.

There would be no problem if I could just disable the new hardware wizard for the drive.

Any help is appreciated.



I gave up. Apparently I need to re-install the RAID driver to solve this problem. I don't want to risk screwing that up, and then having to do a full re-installation of Windows IF i don't screw up the mother board bios. I ended up just getting the WIN XP backup program, and I'll show my client how to use it. If he's able to deal with that, I'm fine, otherwise I'll get 2 320GB Seagates 7200.12's and see if that solves it. I'm guessing that if I send in the drive for replacement since it's under warranty that they'll send a newer generation disk, which then I'll be worried that since it doesn't match the other, that I'll have more issues with the RAID setup. If it was my computer it wouldn't be an issue, but since it's a customer, I'm trying to make it as easy as possible. I may suggest a backup software package to him. I'd like something that doesn't write a compressed file like Windows does, just copies the files exactly as they are to another drive at a scheduled interval. Any suggestions?

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