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AMD 7000 Series (Southern Islands)

AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

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AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

Postby wuttz » Fri Jun 08, 2012 9:27 pm


"CERT/CC has called out AMD for having insecure video drivers. AMD/ATI video drivers are incompatible with system-wide ASLR. 'Always On' DEP combined with 'Always On' ASLR are effective exploit mitigations. However, most people don't know about 'Always On' ASLR since Microsoft had to hide it from EMET with an 'EnableUnsafeSettings' registry key — because AMD/ATI video drivers will cause a BSOD on boot if 'Always On' ASLR is enabled."

booted linux on 7xxx, +6mos from release and drivers still buggy/crash often.
they should really, really opensource the radeon driver development.

better security, faster development, whats not to love about open source? :? :?
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Re: AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

Postby AussieFX » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:01 pm

Ahhh Windoze... :mrgreen:
It just works.

No problem on Cat 12.4 with my 7970. :D
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Re: AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

Postby agross » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:05 pm

Yes, 'it just works', because AMD invested time and made proper drivers. It doesn't 'just work' due to some superiority of Windows. Last time I checked, Microsoft did not write drivers for AMD, nor for nVidia, nor for Intel ( or matrox for that matter ).

The latest 12.6 beta is very poor on my A10 Trinity, as I've said in another post. WebGL is very slow, OpenCL doesn't work with their own samples and almost all games in Wine are crashing or running with corrpution, missing textures etc.

Well, I guess things will stabilize when kernel 3.5 with all the patches from AMD & co for trinty become 'mainstream', but the problem is AMD just announced they are done with regular Catalyst updates. This means we'll get an updated fglrx blob maybe in late autumn... :(

I don't really mind the 'graphics' part as I didn't buy this machine to game on it - I have a deskop with an nVidia card that works flawlesly on linux - but I was looking forward to OpenCL in linux...
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Re: AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

Postby borosso » Thu Jul 05, 2012 9:39 am

As fart as I know Linux takes a bit time so if you want compatibility, better get like HD6000 series instead of HD7000. But comapred to like 8 years ago, the drives got a lot better. Wine seem to work very propperly as well. Not like nagging will improve, but my guess is that AMD is not focusing enough on Linux yet. Hardware Acceleration might be a bit of an issue, but you can at least have a picture and get some options in the panel, right?
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Re: AMD/ATI Video Drivers: Unsafe At Any Speed

Postby mdk777 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 1:44 pm

but my guess is that AMD is not focusing enough on Linux yet.

well everything is relative. They are focusing on it enough to take away $500 million in business from NVDA. :lol:

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